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Elementary School



Kristi Bufkin

Munday Elementary School
1111 West Main
Munday, Texas 76371
Phone (940)422-4321 ext. 3
Fax (940)422-5331

Marie Gonzalez


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Motivating Our Generations to Ultimate Learning Successs

Mission Statement

The mission of Munday Elementary School is to be a quality source of education for all eligible students by assuring student passage from one stage of experience, proficiency, and prestige to a higher level.

Munday Elementary School will produce competent students who can succeed at their next level of endeavor, who believe in the worth and dignity of themselves and others, and who pursue lifelong learning in an ever-changing, highly diverse society.

Munday Elementary School will provide an environment conducive to learning and a well-balanced curriculum, delivered by a highly qualified staff responsible for learning, with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.



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